After last week 3 point activation, some interesting things has been happened 🤔🤔 1) i got referred to Samsung for a project collaboration 🤩🤩 2) i received news that a $1.2m maintenance project would be awarded to us soon 🥳🤩 Thank you Hup Cheng !!!

Andy Lin

We are pleased that we had been fortunate in getting good sizeable contracts for Interior Fittings

Kesavan Choo

Amazing! By setting our fengshui favorably, we cashed a lot of our investment portfolios before the market spiralled out of control. 👍

Chiat Goh

Master Tan came highly recommended by a friend whose law firm has been his client.

Goh Chiat Jin

Never expected to secure Salad Bowl, Cold Storage as our customers to supply vegetables to them. Thanks to Master Tan’s excellent Fengshui.

Martin Lavoo

After Captain Hup Chengs Fengshui service our business has increased by 200% ever since. I recommend his service to everyone and anyone.

Myron Yeo

Deeply appreciate Hup Cheng’s assistance when we were aligning the main door of our new office last week.

Jacqueline Quek