Goh Chiat Jin

Master Tan came highly recommended by a friend whose law firm has been his client.

In 2015, our controlled environment hydroponics farm was having a series of mishaps in the newly constructed facility – incidents that were most confounding, such as incessant inexplicable failure of the various systems.  The incidents were exerting such tremendous stress on the company. At our wits end, we sought Master Tan’s advice.

And what a saving grace it was. Master Tan’s minimalistic but highly disciplined Feng Shui techniques completely turned the situation at the facility around, all within a matter of a few weeks!

No more frustrating technical hiccups, yields improved, emotional environment stabilized, and solid new clientele came knocking. It was quite miraculous.

We found Master Tan to be most diligent, dedicated and professional.  Most remarkably, unlike many geomancers who required clients to purchase all sorts of expensive paraphernalia, Master Tan solutions are practical and effective.

We would not hesitate to recommend Master Tan’s service to anyone who seeks Feng Shui advice.


Goh Chiat Jin
Sustenir Agriculture Pte Ltd

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