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Capt. Tan Hup Cheng

Do you sometimes feel that things are not moving in your favour, despite putting your best efforts? Or perhaps you are facing difficulties with your business and your relationship?

Whatever the reason, Fengshui can help you to transform your life and make it smooth sailing. Good business opportunities and deals will come to you on their own accord, like what many of my clients have experienced after engaging my services.

Fengshui blends our energies together with our environment, creating a harmonious atmosphere which allows good things to happen. Fengshui channels positive energies to you, and re-directs negative energies away.

You will see the difference in your health, wealth, and in your relationships.

In my 17 years of practice, my clients have benefitted tremendously and transformed their lives and businesses greatly.

About Captain Tan Hup Cheng

You might be wondering why am I am Captain Tan Hup Cheng. I was not a military captain, but I was a Captain of the sea. Before I began my career as a Feng Shui Master 17 years ago, my crew and I sailed the seas and rode the winds.

Knowing the natural elements of the world is important in keeping my crew safe and reaching our destination. So, I studied and practiced Feng Shui. In this website, I will be sharing my knowledge and how Fengshui can transform your life.




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Our Feng Shui gives quick and powerful results with a proven track record

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18+ years of experience with wide client portfolio

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For quickest way to connect and making sure Earth Luck is the wind in your sails and not the force working against you.

Happy Customers

100+ happy customers and 100% referral based business

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Step by step personalized approach to attract Earth Luck

Repeat Customers

60% of business based on repeat customers who got the results they desire


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