Not Enough Customers


Myron Yeo

I am Myron , founder of Woods and Prints a events firm. We have engaged hup Cheng for improving our business. He has helped us from individual Baizi reading – office finding for a 3 months period.

Within 2 weeks moving in after the Long alignment we had a enquiry from a very big firm and it became a done deal within a month.

Our business has increased by 200% ever since, I recommend his service to everyone and anyone, it is very systematic and nothing to do with beliefs religions.


About 3 years ago, Myron needed to grow his event management business, the bottom line was he needed new customers. he also needed a new office to house his staff underUnder one roof. After looking at 20 over properties, we finally selcted his curent office in Ubi , and we did the fengshui alignment for his office. Within 6 months he secured a very major corporate client, and by the end of 2017, his revenue had more than doubled. Today his busniess, continues to grow , bringing in increasing profits.

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